About this site

This site aims to decrease the learning curve of the Digital Filter Block (DFB), a limited-scope DSP engine that is built into the Cypress PSoC line, with a focus on the DFB assembler.


Using the DFB in a PSoC microcontroller

There are two ways to make use of the DFB:

  1. Filter Component
  2. Digital Filter Block (DFB) Assembler

About the Filter Component

This component provides a user friendly interface on top of the DFB to configure a two channel streaming digital filter with up to 128 taps. It is an excellent solution for simple requirements.

The standard Digital Filter component user interface.

About the Digital Filter Block (DFB) Assembler

This component allows low-level access hardware by writing programs in DFB assembler to do any type of data processing supported by the DFB.

The Digital Filter Block assembler component user interface.